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Wow! What an encouraging couple of days. Thank you (429 of you at last count) for signing up to be part of Over Instagram.

I'm starting by trying to learn as much as possible about who this app is for. As you might have guessed, I've personally struggled with trying to get better at photography without any feedback. And tomorrow I'll tell you the somewhat shameful story that sparked the idea for the app. But the myth that "you are like your users" is as tempting as it is destructive [1]. Design at this early phase is more anthropological than anything.

Tonight I'll be talking to an old friend who's built an online business that serves hundreds of thousands of photographers. I'm hoping he'll give me some feedback on my idea and share some secrets to his success in creating something valuable for photographers around the world.

I'll be posting the video of our chat later this week.

[1] 52 Weeks of UX - You are Not Your User

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