Branding experts Katie Levy and Mike McVicar talk about their process

Katie Levy and Mike McVicar are partners and founders at Brooklyn-based creative studio Gander. We chat about how to think strategically about brand, and they share some of their process with me.

Bonus: we also address a red hot topic that only the design nerds among us will care about: the Slack rebrand.

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"We'd talk to photographers. Look at photography apps. Research other apps and communities of people who have successful interactions in a way that avoids some of the negativity of social media."

"Start with a little nugget of story. The thing that makes you different."

"Open up a can of restraints?"

"This product isn't for everyone."

"What's the subway ad going to look like?" "When you squint your eyes what does this brand look like?"

"Personality words. We define what the four pillars of the brand are."

"This is a pivotal thing. Is this about no-frills like you're in an art gallery? Or is it more user-friendly and getting easy feedback?"

"What is the emotion you want people to feel when they're experiencing this product?"

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