Group 2
Day 35
Leon Tyler is Over Instagram
Leon was on Instagram before it got terrible.

Leon caught the photography bug as a student and eventually moved to London to pursue a career as a creative director. He was an early Instagram user and tells a beautiful story about a community of photographers that exploded from a couple of people to over a hundred.

But then...everything went wrong. Watch him tell the story below (6 min).

In a blog post Leon wrote last year, he talks more about awakening to the nihilistic treadmill of Instagram:

The tingle from 80 likes and a handful of followers convinces me that I must be doing the right thing. I’m being encouraged to do what rewards me rather than what helps me grow as a creative and an artist. I need to be brave and tear myself away from this algorithmic mentality. To pull myself through this mid (photography) life crisis and rediscover myself as a better photographer I’m making plans to change my habits.

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