Ex-IDEO strategist says to stop being cute and design something

If we were gods, unburdened by space and time, with the ability to summon infinite resources, we wouldn't need the kind of design thinking that Sloane is so good at. We'd snap our fingers and anything we could imagine would appear before us, fully realized and perfectly to spec. It would either satisfy us or not, and we'd keep the version we liked the most, and that would be that.

Since most of us don't have the luxury of being omnipowerful beings, we do our best. Design thinking lets us de-risk our ideas before we put bets on their success.

Sloane did a stint at IDEO, who maybe actually invented the term design thinking? When I started this project she's one of the first people who I wanted to talk to because she's spent her career helping people validate and de-risk their ideas.

She talks about how to get started with a new idea, how to create and use provocations to get honest feedback quickly, why user testing in person matters, and how to get user feedback on a shoestring budget. Watch below (10 min).

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