Talking to Focussion's most prolific user

Discovering the remains of Focussion was a boon to this project—a veritable treasure trove of data. In the last post I mentioned a tiny uptick of outlier data at the extreme edge of a graph. That little dot was a someone. One product research strategy is to look for the power users—the people who can't get enough of what you're doing. In this case it was someone named Sean Allen, going by the username "viewsofparadise". He was the all-time top poster on the site, submitting 232 photos from summer 2011 through late 2014. In contrast, the next most prolific poster posted 225, and the third submitted just 101 photos,. less than half of the number Sean did.

Who was this guy? Why was he posting so much (500% more than the average user, who posted just 4.5 photos)?

I found a website where he sells some of his work, and reached out to him via his site's contact form.

Surprisingly, a day later he responded. Yes—he remembered Focussion. And yes—he was willing to chat. I had a lot of questions.

What was his experience with the site? Why did he keep coming back? Did he feel like it had made him a better photographer?

Listen to the full discussion below.

The raw data and charts from the Focussion exploration are available in this Google Sheet.

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