Recapping the first half of the year

Despite having been a minute since the last post, I have several exciting updates to share with you very soon. It's harder than I thought to balance doing the work with talking about the work at the same time. You don't get the luxury of retrospect.

Personally it's been a fantastic summer so far. Family vacation in Colorado was lovely, we've been working on some really sweet stuff at Candid, I had a blast meeting new people at Dribbble Hangtime here in NYC, I hosted a lumberjack wood-chopping fitness class, Cecilia seems to get impossibly cuter by the day. This morning I even went to the gym and lifted weights for the first time in about seventy years. Yes friend, it's time to wage a war on the advancing dad bod.

We learned something in Colorado: Cecilia really doesn't like giraffes.

So I can forgive myself (if you can) for not meeting my Over Instagram goals the last few weeks. I know it's been radio silence, but I have been working on high-res app designs. They're here in Figma if you're feeling ambitious and want a sneak-peek at what I'll be sharing soon.


I started active research for the project in late January and spent the rest of Q1 in research mode. I talked to a lot of people — photographers from different skill levels, designers, strategists, product people. I focused down on two concepts and built brochure-page provocations to test against. I showed them to a bunch of people, including some random people on the streets of NYC. I picked a concept, created a spec, sketched out the most important part of the app, prototyped it, and have been working through the full app design.

My goal was to have the app design done by the end of June, so I could have all of the second half of the year to code and ship. But here we are a week into July. The last few days have been especially productive and I made some breakthroughs in the way the pieces of the app will fit together. Like I said, much more to share on that soon.

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